[Event Report]Representatives of Malaysian innovative companies visited Japan. Signed MOU and investment agreements.

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Global Market Fit Program 2022 in Japan (GMP) is a joint program with MRANTI (an entrepreneurship support organization under the Malaysian government). As the final this program, we held a physical validation session in Tokyo from October 17th (Mon) to 21st (Fri).

Program Overview:

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■ Program Summary

GMP is an acceleration program jointly organized by MRANTI and Tsucrea.

10 Malaysian companies that successed in the screening process participated in the program. Starting in July 2022, they spent about 4 months learning about the Japanese market, localization, and business matching.

After the online pitching (held on October 4th) and business matching, they came to Tokyo for the final program, where they had business meetings with Japanese investors and startups, visited some exhibitions, etc.

Several of the participating Malaysian companies signed MOUs and investment agreements with Japanese companies.

<Program Objectives>
① Understanding the Japanese Market
② Organizing their business plan
 (business model, competitive advantage, understanding the market and target, customer acquisition, etc.)
③ Acquiring the pitching skills to attract investors and other companies
④ Seeking opportunities for collaboration with companies and investors

■ Content of Validation Session

・Opening Ceremony @ IGNIS Tokyo

Left) Opening Ceremony / Welcome speech from Mr. Hideki Suzuki, representative of Tsucrea / Greetings from Ms. Karsin Ng, manager of MRANTI
Center) Malaysian startups
Right) Meetup with the founder of Japanese startups


Left) Visited MATRADE
Center, Right) Visited NEXs TOKYO, Meetup with the Japanese startups

・CEATEC2022 Visit
・Individual business meetings etc.

Left, Center) Visited the CEATEC2022
Center, Right) Individual business meetings with the Japanese companies and startups

・TOSBEC and JETRO, Visit & Lecture
・Individual business meetings etc.

Left) Business meetings with the mentor and content-based companies
Center, Right) Visited the TOSBEC, JETRO

・TCIC visit and Meetup with TCIC members
・Malaysian Embassy Visit
・Individual business meetings etc.

Left) Tour of TCIC facility
Center) Presentation by the Malaysian companies, Meetup with the TCIC residents
Right) Group photo at the TCIC entrance

・Tokyo International Industry Exhibition Visit
・Seminar “The Possibility of Listing in the Tokyo Stock Exchange“ by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking
・Closing Ceremony (Hybrid)

Left, Right) Closing Ceremony
Center) Closing Ceremony, Online messages from the MRANTI and MATRADE officers

■ Comments from participating startup CEOs

Left) Signed MOU with the Japanese company(Human Life Management Inc.)※Left: Ms. Tiffany Khoo Mei Ling
Right) Feedback about this trip at the ceremony

We interviewed one of the participants, Ms. Tiffany Khoo, CEO of WeAssist Sdn Bhd, what she thought of the program.

― How did you feel when you actually came to Japan for the final program?

Before coming to Japan, I had attended online lectures and participated in business matching and interviews with Japanese companies and institutions. When I came to Tokyo, I realized that Japan is a beautiful country with wonderful people. MRANTI and Tsucrea have supported us with their excellent cooperation.

Participating in the validation session in Tokyo allowed me to experience the Japanese culture. Also, having the organizer staffs joined together in the business meeting made the meeting proceed smoothly. They helped us not only to learn about the Japanese market, but also to grap the business opportunities.

We were also able to conclude a MOU with Human Life Management Inc. This validation session in Tokyo was very fruitful for our company. We learned a lot about setting up a business in Japan and are grateful to have been able to participate the final program in Japan despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

― What was your overall impression of the program and what are your future plans?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time learning with great companies and startups in the GMP Japan program. I am going to work hard to ensure that our company can continue to provide healthcare to the world in a faster, easier, and safer way in the future.

■ Program achievement and future prospects

by Naoko Kurosawa, Senior manager of Global team at TSUCREA Co., Ltd.

This program was launched online in July of this year. Although a validation session to visit Japan in the second half of the program had been in the plan from the beginning, the implementation plan was changed again and again until it was confirmed to be held at the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we made great achievements.

Kanaloa Malaysia, which produces the educational animations for children, and Picoton Co., Ltd. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo), a provider of kits event for children, have signed a MOU to promote Kanaloa educational animation business through a business partnership.

Singular Technologies, a FinTech (IT-based financial services) business, has signed an investment agreement with a Japanese investor for approximately 35 million yen (as of the end of October) and they will pursue strategic partnerships and collaborative projects with Japanese companies in Web3 and Fintech.

SYNXSOFT, which provides a digital platform for halal certification, has signed a MOU with a Japanese insitution that provides halal certification and will be working toward DX. These are just a few examples of the results at this time, and more are expected in the future.

This program received a high evaluation from MRANTI.

The MRANTI representative commented “The Japan market program had very good results compared to other country market programs that MRANTI has held in the past.”

We were able to utilize our startup support network and the network of our group companies to support the Malaysian startups entering the Japanese market. We will continue to support foreign startups to enter the market here in Japan.

■ Program Overview

【Global Market Fit Program 2022 in Japan (GMP) 】

Program dates: July 4th – October 31st, 2022 @ Online
Number of participants: 10 companies

Validation Session: October 17th – 21st
Place: IGNIS FLAT(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) etc.
Participants in the validation session: 8 of 10 companies
Organizers: MRANTI / TSUCREA Co., Ltd

■ About MRANTI

MRANTI / Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation was established to accelerate the growth of startups through a variety of activities, including national and international acceleration programs, networking events, and academic sessions.

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