5 potential Latin American startups will be presenting in the global pitch on June 16th, 2022 (Thursday).

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Tsucrea Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd. (HQ: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) are inviting audience participants for the online pitch event “Global Startup Pitch 2022 in JAPAN vol. 3 up & coming Latin American Startups”, on June 16th (Thursday).
For investors and audiences who are interested into investing or collaborating with Latin American startups, please join us.
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■About “Global Startups Pitch in Japan”

The “Global Startups Pitch in JAPAN” is for the global startups to present their pitch deck with the purpose of fund raising and business opportunities in Japan.
The vol. 3 of the pitch event will focus on Agriculture Technology, Wood Technology, Logistics, Robotics and Cybersecurity industries. 5 startups from Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru) are scheduled to participate.

■Event information

How to apply:
Please access the application page from the URL below and fill in the application form.
▼ Click here for audience participation application. (Japanese)

Application deadline: by 17:00, June 15th,2022 (Wednesday)
The startup pitch deck will be in English (with Japanese subtitles), and Q&A session will be in English with Japanese interpretation.
Fees: Free

Recommended for
• Those who want to meet with Latin American startups
• Investors who are looking for investing into Latin American startups
• Those who are interested to collaborate or form a partnership with Latin American startups


Carryt (Colombia)
Carryt performs carbon neutral efficient urban deliveries for CPG, D2C and Ecommerce companies in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil by empowering gig economy drivers with their route optimization technology. Carryt supports climate change by offsetting in real time al CO2 emissions generated and co-financing the change from combustion vehicles into EVs.
Official Site:

Instacrops (Chile)
Instacrops is a simple dashboard that helps farmers maximize their crop yields. Farmers use Instacrops to increase their crops yield by 12% on average. Instacrops live in 300+ customers across Latam and has reached more than $1.100,000 in recurring revenues, growing 2x year over year. This is a startup with a proven track record of being selected by VC Accelerator and Y Combinator in North America.
Official Site:

strong by form (Chile)
strong by form bonds nature and technology to build a sustainable future. Their Woodflow technology allows producing high-performance lightweight timber-based composites strong enough to become an alternative to materials such as aluminum or fiber-reinforced plastics on vehicles and steel and concrete on buildings at a fraction of their weight and environmental impact.
Official Site:

TUMI robotics uses robots and artificial intelligence to perform inspection, digitalization, and diagnosis of critical infrastructure and natural capital for the mining, energy, and oil & gas industries. They do this 10x faster and with 0 accidents.
Official Site:

VU (Argentina)
VU offers a centralized platform to consolidate digital identities and implement strong access and authentication solutions. Their holistic security paradigm prioritizes the online persona throughout its whole lifecycle. Used internally to manage workforce or externally for clients and contractors, their technology enables organizations to operate seamlessly and eliminate identity fraud. Through VU™, customers can leverage modern capabilities over any application or environment, reducing operative costs through automation and vendor consolidation. VU™ is now in 27 countries and protects more than 350 million users around the world.
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Tsucrea Co., Ltd. / Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd.

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・ Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
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