Agreement signed with Korean startup eco system and university to support startups in both Japan and South Korea.

Press release


We have concluded an agreement in Daejeon, South Korea with GongSaeng Co., Ltd. and Mokwon University to support the startups in both Japan and South Korea.


A signing ceremony for Tsucrea, GongSaeng and Mokwon University was held at the Merry Startup Festival in Daejeon, organized by GongSaeng and Digital Factory in Daejeon.

As a Japanese startup incubator, we introduced our business profile to the universities, startups and supporting organizations during the festival.

■ Introduction

Tsucrea and GongSaeng are collaborating to support startups in Japan and South Korea. For Korean startups, we will provide business matching, support for incorporation and human resource support in Japan. For Japanese startups, we will provide support for the entry into South Korea. Tsucrea is also collaborating with Mokwon University to support the training of university student entrepreneurs and startups.

■ About GongSaeng Co., Ltd.


GongSaeng company mission is to alleviate the disparities in life, technology, culture, and society and to improve the quality of life in society. Hence, they are offering the technical startup support programs for high school and university students and young people.

■ About Mokwon University


A private university located in Daejeon, South Korea, with faculties such as Social Sciences, Education, Engineering, Music, Art and Design and Theology. In recent years, it has been focusing on the entrepreneurship and business management.


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