MOU signed with STARTUP Terrace to support entrepreneurs and startups in Japan and Taiwan.

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We have signed MOU with Taiwanese startup incubator STARTUP Terrace on October 14 (Friday) to support startups from both countries.

ツクリエとSTARTUP Terruce代表

■ Introduction

Tsucrea and STARTUP Terrace are collaborating to support entrepreneurs in Japan and Taiwan. For Taiwanese startups, we will provide business matching, support for incorporation and human resource support in Japan. For Japanese startups, we will provide support for the entry into Taiwan.

■ About SRARTUP Terrace

STARTUP Terrance is located in the “Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park”, assists Taiwanese startups with global investment, business partner acquisition, and customer development etc.

The park was built in Kaohsiung by the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the development of new and innovative industries in southern Taiwan.

STARTUP Terrance is operated by the Institute for Information Industry, provides consultation and support to overseas accelerators, incubation facilities, and startups who are interested to be a member of the Startup Terrace.

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