[Event Report] “Global Startup Pitch 2022 in Japan Vol.1” held on January 26th



We held a pitch event where notable startups from Southeast Asia took the stage!

The “Global Startup Pitch 2022 in JAPAN” is a pitch event hosted by Tsucrea Co., Ltd. and Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd. under Social Impact Solutions Corporation (SIPS) and supported by Javis Ventures (Vietnam), KBRI Tokyo (Indonesia Embassy), MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre), VNet Capital (Thailand). The main purpose of this event to introduce the overseas startups that are looking for funding and business opportunities to Japanese market.

▼Event details URL : Global Startup Pitch 2022 in JAPAN vol.1

This first event featured four Southeast Asian startups in the fields of FinTech/EdTech/IT/Game Development. Two companies each from Indonesia and Malaysia took the stage and showed us the passion of Asian startups. One company from Indonesia and one company from Thailand that could not attend the event, they will have individual meetings at a later date.

― Companies on stage -

NeuXP Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
NeuXP is a digital banking platform provider that integrates banking and lifestyle services into one app, providing a flexible, accessible and simple omni-channel user experience. Its fully digitized banking platform is designed to address banking pain points and ease the journey for travelers in Europe, the US, Asia and beyond.

EnGame (Malaysia)
EnGame is an online coupon arcade platform. It allows subscribers to acquire and retain customers through games. Once registered on the platform, subscribers can promote their business and brand in the form of coupons on “Tap Master” to delight and attract customers.

The Heritage Opera (Indonesia)
The Heritage Opera (THO) is a heritage branding service that uses creative works to raise awareness of cultural heritage and help brand Asian cities and revitalize the region. Its vision is to promote sustainable urban development and accelerate the potential of cultural heritage.

PT Teknologi Indonesia Group (Indonesia) is a multi-platform media company focused on technology development in Indonesia and the world. They work with developers, pioneers and industries to build a better technology development ecosystem. They are trusted by over 100,000 readers and up to 160,000 Instagram followers every month.

The presenters of the four companies that went through the selection process are up-and-coming young people, mostly in their 20s. Many startups in Japan are starting up their businesses with the aim of going global, but those startups in Southeast Asia have high growth potential, not only in terms of English language skills, also in terms of the fact that many of them have business models that are globally oriented from the beginning. If they are well matched, potential investments can be expected.

After the pitches, there were many questions from the audience, and there were also some offers for collaboration. We are currently working on arranging individual meetings with each of the startups.

We will also hold various other events to connect overseas startups with Japanese companies, include the African and Latin American pitch events. Please join us!

▼Upcoming events:
Wed, Mar 30, 17:00~18:30 (JST) “Global Startups Pitch 2022 in JAPAN vol.2 up & coming African Startups” (Japanese website)

Thu, June 2, 10:00 ~ 11:30 (JST) “Global Startups Pitch 2022 in JAPAN vol.3 up & coming Latin American Startups” (Scheduled, the registration page will be announced on May)