Online seminar for applying the 2nd term of Business Restructuring Subsidy [Jigyo-saikouchiku Hojyokin(Business restructuring subsidy)] will be held on June 8th, 2021! A start-up loan expert Mr. Shimozono, will explain the basics and application in order.

Press release


An online incubation platform operated by Tsucrea Co., Ltd, Online Startup Lab “SEED GARAGE”, will hold a seminar on June 8th (Tuesday) for those who are considering applying for the second application for Business Restructuring Subsidies.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to ask individually, you can consult with Mr. Shimozono in a private consultation scheduled for another day.
Details will be announced at this event.

■Event Outline
Date: June 8th, 2021
Time: 18:00 – 19:10
Location: Online (Zoom)
Fee: Free
Maximum participants: 50people

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■Time schedule
18: 00-18: 05 Introduction of the speaker
18: 05-18: 45 Seminar
18: 45-19: 00 Q&A session
19: 00-19: 05 Introduction of SEEDGARAGE
19: 05-19: 10 Closing session and answering questionnaire

■ Speaker Profile

Mr. Daichi Shimozono
Representative of Koshien General Accounting Office
Tax accountant / C.P.A. / Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant

Mr. Shimozono is an expert who leads successful start-up financing to solve problems related to start-up financing.
He devises a “start-up loan triangle” from the accounting knowledge and practical experience cultivated through the preparation and analysis of financial statements of a total of 1,500 individuals and listed companies. Making full use of this method, the success rate of financing is 100%.

■ What is SEED GARAGE?
An online incubation service for startups that supports people who want to start a business or who have just started a business. We hold one-on-one online counseling sessions with experienced senior entrepreneurs or consultants with a various experience in supporting entrepreneurs, as well as online events with lots of useful tips related to entrepreneurship.

■Inquiries regarding this matter
Person in charge: Ms. Nakayama (Tsucrea Co., Ltd.)