The Chiba University Innovation Promotion Organization Opening Commemorative Symposium” University Management Strategy and Innovation “was held on April 30, 2021.



On Friday of April 30, 2021, an online event “University Management Strategy and Innovation” was hold to commemorate the establishment and opening of new space (co-working space / open innovation space ) of the Chiba University Academic Research and Innovation Promotion Organization (IMO), in which we participate in operation consulting and event holding.

The event started with an opening remark by Mr. Toshinori Nakayama, President of Chiba University. He commented that “The renovation of the facility has been completed, and IMO is now in full-scale operation.
I hope that opportunities for communication and exchange, and new industry-government-academia collaboration will be created. As a university, we will focus on strengthening the functions of IMO as a top priority so that we can achieve the future in which facilities are beneficial to many people and can create many innovations.

Next, Mr. Atsushi Nishida, Deputy Director of IMO, Chiba University, introduced the facilities of IMO.
He explained in detail about the open innovation space with meeting rooms and free space in IMO, the spacious event space that can accommodate more than 60 people, and the coworking space that can be used for 10,000 yen per month.

For the keynote speech, we invited Professor of the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Shigeo Kagami, Deputy General Manager of the Industry-Academia Collaborative Creation Collaboration Headquarters.
The theme of the keynote speech was “Possibility of industry-academia collaboration activities”, and some cases of the University of Tokyo was given along with the speech.

IMO Director Koichi Fujie lectured about future IMO activities and goals. He said, “We will commit to the goals of Chiba University by contributing to society through outstanding research achievements, improving finances by obtaining external funds, and promoting a comfortable research environment and social cooperation.”

Finally, in addition to Mr. Kagami and Mr. Nakayama, Mr. Minoru Seki, a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, was invited as a moderator, and a panel discussion was held by three people, and the event ended.

In the future, IMO will collaborate with venture capitals and various companies outside the university, and plan events aimed at promoting industry-academia collaboration.
If you have an event that interests you, feel free to attend it.

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