Guest mentor system starts at the Tokyo Contents Incubation Center. Tenant startups can get advice from our new special mentor, Mr. Seiichiro Wada, CEO of VC Monex Ventures Co., Ltd.

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In 2021, the Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (TCIC), which we are entrusted with operating from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, started a guest mentor system which the tenants can get an advice from VCs, CVCs and Content-related (Anime, movie and game) startup companies. Mr. Seiichiro Wada, CEO of Monex Ventures Co., Ltd., has been appointed as a venture capital mentor.

■ About the guest mentor program
Guest mentor program is a consultation service provided by experts such as lawyers, tax accountants and TCIC graduated company. Starting in 2021, startup companies on Anime, Movie and Game industries, VCs and CVCs will cooperate as guest mentors at TCIC guest mentor program.

This program allows tenant startups to consult with an expert mentor and to lead to solve their business challenges and build a network. Tenant startup companies can get a support from those mentors.

Through this program, TCIC will continue to promote the development of content-related industries as a content-related startup support facility in the startup city of Tokyo.

■ Guest mentor profile

Representative Director of Monex Ventures Co., Ltd.
Seiichiro Wada

Born in 1981 Tokyo. After joining at recruitment support consulting company for new graduated student with five employees, he has been engaged in newly graduated recruitment support for listed and unlisted companies.

After engaging in listing preparation work at Games Arena Co., Ltd. (currently Dwango Co., Ltd.), he was in charge of new business development with Niconico Douga (Video sharing service owned by Dwango Co., Ltd. )and Game.

After joining Monex Group, Inc. and managing the business of an overseas subsidiary, he launched Monex Ventures and continues currently. He carried out an organizational change from CVC to VC, and the cumulative number of investment companies is about 100.

◇ 2021 TCIC graduated mentors (in alphabetical order)
・ Mr. Atsushi Ogata, CEO of Bullet Group Inc.
・ Mr. Hideo Uda, CEO of Noovo Inc.
・ Mr. Hironobu Uchiki, President and CEO of Picoton Co., Ltd.
・ Mr. Mamoru Goto, Director of Bullet Group Inc.
・ Mr. Shunsuke Koga, CEO of Thefool Inc.
・ Mr. Takeshi Hirai, CEO / Creative Producer of Neilo Inc.
・ Mr. Tetsuji Hayakawa, Representative employee of Pagoda LLC
・ Mr. Tetsuya Nakajo, CEO of Live2D Inc.

◇ TCIC expert mentors
・ Judicial scrivener
・ Social insurance labor consultant
・ Tax accountant
・ Intellectual property management consultation
・ Labor employment consultation

■ What is” TCIC “?
TCIC is a facility in Tokyo that supports entrepreneur who starts a business in Anime, Movie, and Game content industries. It provides a one stop supporting service, such as, a comfortable office at reasonable rate as well as on-site staff specialized on entrepreneurship will assist their business to success.

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In the past, we have supported and produced many entrepreneurs, such as companies that are currently listed and companies in which major content companies participate in capital.

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Recruitment of 60th term residents (application deadline: 5/18)
Currently, we are looking for residents for the 60th term of TCIC.
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