On April 16th, “Tokyo Contents Incubation Center” in Nakano, Tokyo, starts recruiting new tenants for a 60th term.

Press release


The Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (hereinafter TCIC), which we are participating in operation, starts recruiting startup tenants for the 60th term from April 16th.

■ What is” Tokyo Contents Incubation Center “?
TCIC is a startup incubation facility in Tokyo that supports entrepreneurs who newly has started a business in Anime, Movie, and Game content industries. It provides not only an office at reasonable rate but also on-site staff specialized in entrepreneurship will assist startup business to success.

▽ TCIC website

TCIC has been supporting many entrepreneurs and startups, and there are companies that were able to go public or were funded by major companies.

▽ Click here for TCIC alumni interviews

■ Outline of recruitment
【Eligible applicants (Applicants must meet the all of the condition below)】
・An Individual or a company who plans to start business at TCIC as a main base of business or has been started business for less than 3 years.
・Planning to start or have already started a business in Anime, movie and game industries or industries related in content making.
・Number of rooms available: 4 (No.1, No.5, No.17, No.22)
・Recruitment period: April 16 -May 18, 2021
・Tenant screening: Based on documents including business plan, and interview.
・Screening interview date: May 21st 2021. From 9:30 a.m.
Move-in day: Room No.5, No.17 after May 31st.
Room No.1, No.22 after mid-June.

・ Terms of use
The monthly rent is from 44,350 yen to 54,844 yen (rent + common charges / consumption tax included). The calculation of rent is based on the area of ​​the room.
Deposit / 4 months of rent, no key money, and the borrower have to pay actual costs. Please contact the management office for details.

▽ Please see the information below for details on recruitment

■ Facility overview

* Please note that the picture above is different from the room we are renting now.

・Private room with wall completely closed and no connecting to next door.
・4 ports of optical fiber cable outlet for maximum 100 Mbps communicable.
・8 power outlets
・4 telephone line outlet, 2 outlets for TV line
・Air Conditioning and ventilation available
・Available 24 hours (Each room is fully equipped with security individually)

・Conference room
1 large conference room and 2 small conference rooms available (available on a first-come basis reservation)

・Freely-usable space (2 spaces)
Available with out reservation

【Other supporting services】
Seminar in various fields, expert consultation, alliance support and an event for business networking.

【Outsourcing agency for accounting service and tax return】
For details, please contact us.

【Personnel and labor consulting】
Experienced social insurance and labor consultant will give you an advice on labor management of startup and ventures.
*Ask for more detail.

Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (TCIC) management office
Address: 2-41-17 Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0013
Manager: Mr.Masao Kawano
TEL: +81-3-3383-4616