Foundation of all the entrepreuners

Our Concept -
"Startup Incubator"
Businessline of Tsucrea is from professional support service to all the people to start any types of business, and to create business to develop creative branding. While Tsucrea is yet a young company, Tsucrea is continuing various trials and errors, aiming to become a partner to support all the entrepruners from backwards.


- Team Building Power

Entrepruner can only be achieved by unifying all the power of the members rather than individual effort.
Let's work together by combining our forces to achieve our mutual goals.

- Challenge; and move quickly

Action is the spirit of all the entrepreunership rather than logic or too many thinking or words.

- Be Professional

Make use of each individual's strength and do your best. Work freely and be conscious to improve your level. It encourage you to lead to the better professional group to eventually help peers and other groups.

Corporate Culture and Climate

Flat organization

CEO Mr. Suzuki elaborated Tsucrea with very flat organization and atomosphere, from young 20's young generation to up to 50 years more senior staff; all the staffs respect each other with friendly communication.
Information sharing and exchange among internal staffs are very solid.

Commuity's Importance

We need to have many chances to get together other group of people, introduce each other with posiitive manner.

Members' Diversity

Tsucrea has very cohesive power and centripetal force with diverse staffs - a lot of applicants have diverse experience on business and academia.